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A national nonprofit organization, The Ophelia Project is headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania and has been creating safe social climates since 1997. The organization emerged as one community’s decision to increase parental and community support for adolescents, and then grew to become one of the nation’s leading experts in identifying and addressing relational aggression in schools, the workplace and communities. Founded as a catalyst for positive change within schools and communities nationwide, The Ophelia Project is committed to helping youth form healthy peer relationships while creating safe social climates for all.

The Ophelia Project will be supporting each collaborative region by offering complementary programming for the STEM related activities for girls to enhance the learning environment by diminishing the relationally aggressive behaviors within the group at the onset of the program.

Lead Contact

  • Mary C. Anderson
    Director of Community Development, CASS Consultant
    The Ophelia Project ®
    718 Nevada Drive
    Erie, Pa 16505
    ph 888.256.5437
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