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Girls on research vessel.The NGCP evaluation team will conduct evaluation activities designed to look at the effectiveness of the implementation of the NGCP model on two levels; the national level and the regional level. Local collaborative evaluation activities will be administered by local collaborative leadership using the instruments designed by the national evaluation team and submitting their data for the overall evaluation and best practices across regions. Review of quarterly reports, annual surveys, Mini-Grant reports, event surveys and feedback, as well as site observations will be used to measure project impact and inform formative evaluation activities.

Questions guiding the NGCP evaluation are as follows:

National Collaboration Network Questions

  1. How effectively is the NGCP model creating dialog between researchers and practitioners?
  2. Is training from the national level effective in helping regional collaboratives successfully implement the NGCP model (The NGCP Model, Institute training, intellectual specializations, mini-grants)?

Regional Collaboration Network Questions

  1. How are individual STEM programs affected by access to shared resources of the NGCP?
  2. How are current individual STEM programs strengthened by an infusion of shared promising practices in informal education and evaluation and assessment?
  3. How does implementation of the NGCP model impact collaboration between STEM programs and other organizations?
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