Online Surveys

Evaluation & Research Associates (ERA) assists clients by creating and implementing online surveys. Survey services include design and creation, deployment and administration, data gathering, data analysis and reporting. Clients may choose all or selected services depending on their project needs. Online surveys (also known as Web or Internet surveys) can include many different styles of questions. Respondents can receive survey invitations via e-mail or a survey can be linked from a Web page. ERA can also protect surveys using a password secured feature. Surveys can be completed in one or multiple sittings and reminder messages can be sent to non-respondents if requested by a client. Clients can view and access live data during survey administration.

ERA has domestic and international experience in deployment of the following types of surveys:

Online Survey Features


  • Secure external Web server
  • Web portals for survey projects
  • Individual survey invitations
  • Survey reminders
  • Add or delete respondents
  • Password protection
  • Save and Resume
  • Skip Logic – branching
  • Hyper links, pop-ups
  • Graphics, logos
  • Pipe-in information

  • Access, Excel, SPSS compatible
  • Summary stats, charts, advanced stats, banner reports, cross tables, regression analysis, gap analysis
  • Live results online
  • Section 508 compliancy
  • Presentations

Choose one
Choose many
Choose one and specify
Choose many and specify
Rank order
Allocation (total sum)
Fill in the blank
Fill in the number
Essay questions
Single choice table questions
Multiple choice table questions
Rank order
Custom drop down choices
Response required
Response validation


View an online survey with examples of different question types and formatting.

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