Program Evaluation

The Puget Sound Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology provides evaluation services for organizations interested in program improvement or looking at the impact or outcomes of their programs.

Why do Program Evaluation?

  1. Help your organization understand, validate, or increase the impact of your program on participants.
  2. Meet requirements of funders to verify the program/intervention/product is really helping participants.
  3. Prevent "guessing” about the best possible delivery of a program or service.
  4. Receive unbiased information about how a program is operating.
  5. Improve your program in terms of operation and outcomes.
  6. Verify your program theory and planning.
  7. Help your organization clarify its program or project goals.
  8. Obtain results in a report form to share with the public or potential funders.
  9. Help with replication efforts.

Process Evaluation Services

We can help you examine the process of your program and provide information on "best practices" for ongoing improvement and operation. This includes planning the evaluation, determining methods to collect information, analyzing and interpreting the information gathered, and reporting evaluation results.

Outcome Evaluation Services

We can help your organization by providing outcome evaluation measures to demonstrate the impact of your program on your participants. We can help determine which methods work best to gather information to answer the research questions related to your program from various stakeholders of the project, make recommendations and provide conclusions in a report designed for different audiences.

A typical evaluation process

Your program evaluation would be tailored to your needs, but generally the process is:

  1. Understanding the program or project to be evaluated
  2. Designing and planning the evaluation
  3. Developing the instruments for gathering the data
  4. Collecting the data
  5. Analyzing and interpreting the data.
  6. Writing the report
  7. Disseminating the results

We work with your organization every step of the way maintaining the highest quality and integrity.


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