The Puget Sound Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology is providing needed services to working professionals in the information technology field, teachers in our K-12 classrooms and low income youth and adults who don’t have access to technology. This public private partnership is a model that works.”
– Jay Inslee, United States Congressman 1st District

Instructor making a point to students at computers.


The mission of the Puget Sound Center is to leverage the power of technology, diversity and leadership to transform teaching and learning.


In furtherance of this mission, the Puget Sound Center has adopted four major strategic objectives:

  • New Tools for Teaching and Learning
    Optimize the performance of educators and other professionals by creating innovative methods and materials and helping others to use them.
  • Leadership
    Help organizations improve performance through development of skills and strategies that foster leadership and professional community.
  • Equity
    Provide programs and support that address the achievement gap in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
  • Evaluation
    Provide evaluation services to empower programs and organizations to more effectively reach their outcomes and goals.
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